Is New Orleans the next Flint, Michigan?

Will New Orleans become the next Flint, Michigan?   Everyone who isn’t living under a rock has heard about Flint, Michigan’s Water Crisis. Veolia has provided services to the Sewage and Water Board of New Orleans (SWB) since 1992.  In 2010, when Mitch Landrieu became the President of the S&WB, a series of “revenue generating” Read more about Is New Orleans the next Flint, Michigan?[…]

A Run Through The Jungle: Senate Synopsis

On November 21st, 2015 after losing the Louisiana governor’s race, Senator David Vitter announced that he would not be seeking re-election. While not formally announced, two current Congressmen were widely expected to run, Charles Boustany of the 3rd Congressional District and John Fleming of the 4th District. Also expected to announce was state Treasurer John Kennedy. All three Read more about A Run Through The Jungle: Senate Synopsis[…]

A Future Worth Fighting For

  This is not a matter of trying to bring down an industry. This is about Louisiana taking the next step into a better, stronger, brighter future. For years and years I’ve heard about how much the Oil and Petroleum industries contribute to Louisiana, but when the truth stares you in the face, it’s frightening. Read more about A Future Worth Fighting For[…]

2nd Amendment Commentary and Responses

  These are responses that I submitted to various Committees regarding the 2nd Amendment:   “From my cold dead hands” There’s no other way to explain it. At this point, to try to restrict access to semi-automatic rifles is going to prove ineffective as there are plenty out there after a century of mass production. Read more about 2nd Amendment Commentary and Responses[…]

Jobs and the Wind

  A few months ago I came across an article that changed my perception of what is possible in Louisiana. Look, when speaking about Louisiana right now we are faced with an unimaginable situation. It’s not just homes that have been lost, but businesses and inventory have been destroyed. The entire economic reality of Read more about Jobs and the Wind[…]

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