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1st Congressional District:

Danil Faust –

  • Seriously, just check out my website. I’m very open. The more you read, the more you’ll get how I am. Below is “A Big Easy Guide to making a Deal with the Devil” Everything should be taken tongue in cheek, but I’ll never make an accusation without proof. By proof, I mean “Gotcha Sucka!”

Joe Swider – lmao

  • Nice guy. But since this is politics, he’s a website, a commercial, and an AutoDialer reminding you that if it’s “Good for Louisiana, He’s for it!” Generic Blue Dog Democrat to put a nice face on. Look at his website.




Lee Ann Dugas –

  • She’s so sweet. Navy Veteran, type of lady you go have a beer with in a dive bar. She’d be eaten alive, but she did run before.


Eliot Baron –

  • Hunh. I’ve talked to him on the internet. Seems like a nice guy. Asked him why he didn’t spend more than 5,000. His response was that his cost/vote ratio was efficient. Whatever. At least he’s a Veteran. Oh, “Green Party Endorsement” means paying a check since there’s no debate or forum, so like…. you don’t actually earn that ‘ish by doing anything other than getting 5 or 6 people together to get vicarious jollies watching Jill Stein burn bras. There is one curious thing however, why did Eliot run for the 5th district 2 years ago? Is he not devoted to the 1st Congressional District? You decide.

Howard Kearny:

  • Libertarian. So, nice guy, but he’s well… I dunno. Anyways, Libertarians love wasting their votes and whining, so let’s move on.

Chuemai Yang – has ever seen him)

  • He is what I believe, we call a “paper candidate”. See, about 3% of the 1st Congressional District is East Asian in descent, Vietnamese, Chinese, and a few others. Better to bleed off this candidate. As long as there are enough candidates listed in a Jungle Primary, the vote dispersion would nearly guarantee an incumbent a win. Even if just by a few votes. I’m not saying anything about that. Yet. Oh did you hear about the voting machine in Jefferson Parish?

[I] Steve Scalise –

  • Not a Veteran



Can you believe those ads are 8 years old? Damn! Has your life gotten any better in the last 8 years? What exactly has Steve done?


“We Have A Duty To Know What We Are Voting On”

Second Congressional District:

[I] Cedric Richmond –

  • He proved that my early vote was a wasted one the other night. I’ll post more soon. Definitely the best candidate in this rate.

Kenneth Cutno –

  • He’s got a long way to go but he means well.

Kip Holden – (Hasn’t even bothered to update his website)

  • Ditto, but at least he filed an FEC report. I think Cedric Richmond said it best “Don’t talk about leadership when you left town right after Alton Sterling got shot”

Samuel Davenport – [Withdrew]

  • Got busted for pot and conspiracy to deal right after qualifying. Then he sit the…. well, he stopped squawking.

Judge, Court of Appeal 4th Circuit

[I] Regina Bartholomew-Woods –

  • Didn’t talk to me much.

Laurie White –

  • Judges are different, Laurie is awesome.

Judge Criminal District Court, Sec. D

Paul A Bonin –

Kevin Guillory –

Dennis W. Moore –

  • First election that I can say, any way you vote, it’s not wasted.

Orleans Parish School Board 5

[I] Leslie Ellison –

Walter Umrani –

  • Umrani all the way.

Orleans Parish School Board 6

David Alvarez –

  • Oh David Alvarez all the way. Amazing guy.

[I] Woody Koppel –

  • A skilled Politician for sure.

Orleans Parish School Board 7

Alvin R. Crusto –

[I] Nolan Marshall –

Kwame Smith –

  • Kwame all the way baby.


Please vote your own conscience, but our best bet for change in Louisiana is Campbell or Fayard.

Caroline Fayard –

  • If she really hated Republicans, she wouldn’t take money from Fox News Executives, so there’s that.

Foster Campbell –

  • If he really took on big oil, he wouldn’t have been in office for 40 years. I mean if you asked him if he was white, well, he’d have to answer like David Duke in that case.

Charles Marsala –

  • Great guy, California Republican, could do a lot for this State, real person.

Troy Hebert –

  • If you watch one candidate debate this year for Louisiana, this is the best one

Derrick Edwards –

  • Great guy and the only truly deserving African American on the ballot

Beryl Billiot –

  • Native American, Marine, good guy.

Rob Maness –

  • American Hero, definitely a man I’d want to drink a beer with and watch a Football game/

Gary Landrieu –

  • Apparently the black sheep of the Political Dynasty.

Kaitlin Marone –

  • Comedian. Funny. Real and nothing to lose.

Joshua Pellerin –

  • Best Dressed

John Kennedy –

  • Loves his Weed Killer

John Fleming –

  • You’d think he’d ask Trump for hair advice

Charles Boustany, Jr –

  • Doesn’t need hair advice

And my favorite Anti-Semite:

David Duke – (Man he has a good plastic surgeon)


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